How to Knit

Learning how to knit is easy. With some practice, you can figure out the most comfortable way to hold the knitting needles.

how to knit

Knitting Methods

There are basically two ways of knitting depending on how you hold the yarn and needles:

Loaded needle and working yarn both in the left hand

Loaded needle in the left hand and working yarn in the right hand

You can also combine these techniques when knitting in two colors by holding a different color of yarn in each hand. Keep the yarn on one side always going over and the other side always going under. That way they won't tangle.

The easiest way to learn is with a teacher, so here are some knitting videos that show you every step from materials to making stitches to blocking. You can purchase the DVDs or there are some available for streaming through Amazon Prime.

Or if you can learn by reading, try links below, especially the first one!

Knitting Stitches
Want to learn to knit? There are only two basic stitches, knit and purl. Advanced patterns combine them in different ways.

Knitting Yarn
A good yarn slides off the knitting needles easily and stays twisted together. Choose the right yarn weight to keep the knitting stitches loose.

Knitting Needles
Use the correct size needles for your yarn and the stitches will slide smoothly.

How to Read Knitting Patterns
Read the patterns correctly and you'll be able to knit projects successfully! When you understand what the pattern says about the knitting gauge, yarn, and needles, it works.

Knitting Terms
To learn to knit, you must understand the terms and the specialized vocabulary.

Knit Hat Patterns
Looking for some knit hat patterns? Choose the most flattering hat styles!

Knit Scarf Patterns
Experiment with new knitting stitches and various types of yarn in scarf patterns. Also learn how to knit mittens and gloves!

Sock Knitting Patterns
Looking for sock knitting patterns? Learn how to knit socks easily!

Knit Sweater Patterns
You can make adjustments to knit sweater patterns and learn how to make your own design.

Baby Knitting Patterns
Try making some baby booties or hats. Knitting for babies and children is fun and the patterns are so cute!

Toy Knitting Patterns
Do you know how to find patterns that will make safe, hypoallergenic knit toys? I'll share safety tips and suggest some patterns.

With the right supplies and techniques, you'll soon be ready to make some knitting projects!

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