Quilt Making Basics

Did you know that there are many different styles of quilt making? Some people like to do geometric designs while others like to do landscape scenes or even 3D illusions!

quilt making

I think the first time I tried quilting was in Girl Scouts. Each girl contributed a block so together we made a quilt that went to an auction or something for charity. There are many guilds and organizations available if you want to participate in such group projects.

Contributing one pieced block is a start, but there are several more things to know if you want to make a quilt from start to finish!

Traditional Quilt Blocks
Study the geometry of traditional quilt blocks and try a variety of designs through coloring, pattern block play, or by using stickers.

Quilt Sizes
Are you confused about quilt sizes and not sure what to sew? Learn how to calculate the right quilt for your next project.

How to Make a Quilt
Learn the basic steps of how to make a quilt. Piece it together, add some batting, and bind the edges.

We are accumulating a large fabric stash with a variety of scraps from high quality cotton quilting fabric. Please check back to see when we might have some available for sale.

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