ALC Unlimited

I started my own business ALC Unlimited in 2006 to promote traditional crafts in a modern age. I used to sell the things I made at a local farmer's market and online.

ALC Unlimited

I enjoyed the challenge of learning how to run my own business and turn my hobbies into something profitable.

ALC Unlimited Growing and Evolving

In the early days at the farmer's market, I was known for my egg ornaments. I also received a lot of exposure from the cards I published using artwork by myself or my grandmother.

artist greeting cardsGreeting cards we designed

Eventually, I started making my own embroidery designs and selling kits. My embroidery patterns are now available on Amazon and Smashwords. I have not been designing much new material for embroidery since I started my adventures in urban homesteading and motherhood.


My overflowing personal Pinterest account is under the name ALC Unlimited. The business account for Sage Urban Homesteading is a little more cleaned up and organized.

ALC Unlimited became the company name behind designing my websites. The online community I created on each website provided an opportunity for crafters to share experiences and valuable information. But then I decided to sell my other websites and just keep this one.

I need to focus on homeschooling for the next several years!

I did update my historical cookbook so that it's now available in print or digitally.

I have also opened a shop on Teachers Pay Teachers to share some of the homeschool portfolio organization tools and games that I've developed. My favorite is the "Go Gather" Leaf Identification game!

If you're curious about how I first learned to run my own online business and websites, please see my Solo Build It! Review. I did take some college business classes, but that was after I'd already started my own business.

I decided to keep because I can share what we're doing. No guarantees that it will be up to date because my priority is real life. But when I get a chance, I'm happy to share our adventures with you.

And maybe sometimes there will be things we have for sale, such as products from the DeVries Bees.

Thank you for your support over the years! Remember, if you have an ALC original, there is a small butterfly hidden somewhere on the item I made.

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