Cool Face Masks

Looking for organic cotton cool face masks that you can actually breathe in?

cool face masks

Oxygen is important for our health!

The Problem in Hot Weather

Hot climates make people resistant to wearing masks. The increased cases of COVID-19 seen in the southern United States during the summer of 2020 might have been related to this problem.

What Happens in Summer

It's hot. I can't breathe with a mask. It irritates my skin.
I'll wear a cool mask!

For managing mask wearing in hot weather, health officials recommend lightweight, breathable fabric that is 100% cotton. It is also recommended to change your mask if it becomes wet.

Cool masks are the answer!

  • machine washable, easy to toss in the washer and drier
  • don't hurt your ears
  • easy to put on by yourself (even a 7 year old can do it)
  • 100% cotton with organic muslin fabric so no rashes or worsening acne
  • one size fits most approximately 10-1/2 inches square covering nose, mouth, and chin
  • won't slip off your nose when you talk
  • allow you to stay hydrated and easily sip from a straw
  • and best of all...

BREATHABLE while still catching spit spray and snot!

Cool face masks easily adjust to fit adults and children with an easy toggle.Cool face masks are one size fits all.

My family and I wore cool masks all summer since we live in the hazy, hot, and humid mid-Atlantic. They attracted some surprised reactions, but they were oh so comfortable, and we all stayed well.

easy mask togglePress to adjust for a tight mask that's just right.

A toggle in the back is easy to tighten. No more sore ears!

Will cool face masks keep out viruses?

No cloth masks are 100% effective. Viruses are too small. The purpose of a face covering is to reduce the spray of particles coming from your nose and mouth. The cool mask can do that. It's better than nothing!

Note that in the study by Florida Atlantic University shared on June 30, 2020, the video shows that even a medical grade mask lets some particles escape.

Where are the studies on the mask wearer's health after wearing the various types of masks for awhile?

I am deeply concerned that some people are inhaling plastics and chemicals that could contribute to future health problems.

Regardless, facial coverings are now required in many public places. It's wise to be cautious while we wait for research and more data.

Why is organic important?

We are inevitably breathing in fine particles from masks. I am concerned about safety and the risk of wearing face masks.

Do you really want to inhale the off gassing of plastic chemicals in polyester or traces of pesticides in non-organic cotton?

I do not have asthma, but I had a reaction to my first homemade mask one day after I was moving a little to fast during grocery shopping and breathing heavily. Although it looked fine, I realized the old fabric I'd used was probably shedding fine particles.

After that, I was determined to come up with a more breathable mask, and I would not settle for anything potentially toxic to be right in my face for every breath. Especially with a disease going around that causes respiratory issues!

Washing instructions: I remove the toggle and toss them in with a load set to warm, normal, high spin on my washing machine. Be sure to use a safe laundry detergent that won't give you respiratory issues.

Drying instructions: I put them in the drier on low heat. You could also dry them in the sun. Several studies have shown that sunlight kills covid-19.

It would be possible to wash a mask with leaving the toggle on, but then you should wash it in a mesh bag and don't put it in the drier.

These cool face masks are made with 100% cotton. The center fabric is unbleached organic muslin that is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 meaning it has been tested for harmful substances

Why did you decide to make these?

We were very busy with child and infant care and gardening and really did not need another project. Then I saw a post by a friend with asthma who cannot breathe while wearing a standard cloth face mask. This is exactly the at-risk person who coughs a lot and should be wearing a mask.

And then we saw the news reports every day with infection rates climbing in the South. We had to share our cool masks.

Try the cool mask design and see how comfortable it is! 

How to Make Your Own Cool Mask

I used to sell these, but now I'm busy with other projects, so I'm going to tell you how to make your own face mask.

  1. Buy some organic washcloths or diaper wipes. We used the ones from Green Mountain Diapers made with a double woven muslin fabric.
  2. Wash and dry them to preshrink.
  3. Use a sharp yarn needle to attach yarn at each corner and knot it. I found it most durable if you fold the fabric a little. This fold is good under the eyes then unfold it over the nose for better coverage.
  4. Tie a knot in the other end of each separate string of yarn so they don't unravel.
  5. Hold the two knotted ends together and slide a toggle over them.

Now your cool face mask is ready to wear!

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