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Homesteading Help

The self-reliant mindset doesn't mean you can't receive advice from the community. If you need help with a homesteading problem, speak up! You can share questions here. Remember to pay it forward. Be helped and give help.

Do You Have an Urban Homestead?

Do you want to tell us about your urban homesteading adventures? Do you have a question about a problem you need help solving? Please share!

What Other Homesteaders Have Said

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Braintanner in need of work space 
I do braintanning of animal skins (mostly deer) as a hobby but currently live in an apartment in Columbia, MD so it is very difficult to practice this …

Trying to tap solar and thermal energy  Not rated yet
I am trying to configure pieces of ten foot pvc piping into well they are really more cold frames then greenhouse. If I can figure out a successful arrangement …

Urban Homestead for Rent in Suitland, Maryland Not rated yet
Hidden gem located inside the beltway. Three bedroom, 1 bath home located on a fenced-in, 1 acre lot. Fig trees, blackberries and grape vines on the premises. …

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