The Best Embroidery Methods

I operated a popular website about the various types of embroidery methods for 10 years. It was a great website and I met many wonderful and talented crafters through keeping up the newsletters, blogs, and social media interactions.

embroidery methods

But then I got into homemaking, homeschooling, and homesteading!

Some of my old work hangs on the wall. My embroidery floss is used most often now for decorating gnome toys.

I have a passion for traditional arts and always will, so I can bring a little needleart to this website, right?

Here are some of the best pages from my old website. I hope someone finds them useful or interesting.

The Basics for All Embroidery Methods

Using an Embroidery Hoop or Frame When Starting
Decide if your embroidery work will require a hoop or frame. Find the best model to fit your needs.

Definition of Fabric Count
Learn how to choose the right fabric count for your design and calculate the size of a finished piece.

Cross Stitch Fabric
When choosing evenweave fabric, it's important to consider the fabric count, fiber, and color.

Design Your Own Pattern
Become your own free designer and be a pattern maker. It's easier than you think!

Guide to Sewing Needles
If you want to learn how to sew and do machine or hand embroidery, you need to know how to select the correct embroidery needles.

Punch Needle Instructions
If you want to try this interesting embroidery method, get started on your project with some basic punch needle instruction.

My Embroidery Pattern Shop
My downloadable embroidery patterns will empower you to express your creativity and unique individuality.

What supplies you need depends on what style of embroidery you want to make.

Cross Stitch and Crewel

Cross Stitch Embroidery
Counted cross stitch is the most popular embroidery method. You can learn the easy embroidery stitches quickly, and there are a variety of cross stitch patterns to suit every style.

Basic Embroidery Stitches
Some stitches are easy, and some are complex. The basic embroidery stitches used for crewel embroidery are also used in many other embroidery methods.

Crazy Quilt Embroidery
Learn how stitches are used in crazy quilt embroidery. Hand embroidery is perfect for crazy quilting!

Make a Christmas Stocking
Stitch and finish a handmade Christmas stocking for a family heirloom to make the holidays memorable.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Stitches
Make textured leaves, flower petals, and ribbon roses with ribbon embroidery stitches.

The most popular section of my old website was about huck embroidery, also known as huck weaving, so here are several pages about that. I used to sell DIY kits. You can still purchase my downloadable embroidery patterns.

Huck Embroidery

Huck Embroidery
Want to decorate a monks cloth afghan or make an embroidered towel? It's so easy!

Huck Weaving Stitches
There are only two basic stitches to learn for Swedish weaving patterns. The design can look simple or complex depending on how many colors and lines you use, but it is always quite simple to make.

Huck Embroidery Patterns
Download Swedish weaving patterns to decorate towels and other household items.

Have you ever tried needlepoint? There are so many different styles of embroidery. These really are just the highlights of my big old website.


Needlepoint Canvas
Some stitches and techniques require a special type of canvas. Make sure you're using the right kind to meet your needs.

Needlepoint Stitches
Find the most beautiful needlepoint stitches with my easy guide to stitch types so you can make your next project stunning.

How to Make a Painted Canvas
Designing your own pattern and transferring it to canvas mesh is easy. You can choose to make a printed or hand painted canvas.

Embroidery is a useful skill for adding finishing touches to your knitting and crochet creations, too!

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