Sock Yarn

I don't like to wear socks, but I am fascinated by the sock yarn colors that automatically create patterns. They're so vibrant and interesting!

sock yarn

You need about 350 yards of super fine fingering yarn in order to knit a normal pair of socks for an adult.

Yarn skeins usually come in that size, which keeps it easy to calculate how much yarn to buy for a sock knitting project.

You can make crochet socks from the same yarn, but it might require more yards and the striped pattern will be different.

Sock Fiber Blend

Wool is good for socks because it has a natural elasticity and can absorb a lot of moisture while staying warm. organic cotton yarn, but Superwash wool is the easiest to care for since it can be machine washed, but it should still be air dried.

Felici Self Striping Yarn from Knit Picks

If the yarn for socks does not contain wool fiber, it will probably have elastic or Lycra added for stretch.

Wool is usually blended with nylon to add durability to socks, especially at the toe and heel.

Nylon is a synthetic fiber first developed during World War II. Even if it isn't in the entire sock, it's often used as a separate thread worked in to reinforce the heels and toes.

If you've ever seen socks with the toe and heel a different color than the rest of the sock body, it's to highlight that it's a different yarn that's more sturdy and durable.

Sock Yarn Colors

There are new modern self-striping and self-patterning yarns designed for socks that look amazing! You must start working at the exact same point in color pattern to make an identical pair of socks. It's best to show off the colors in a plain flat stitch like the stockinette stitch.

Use a solid color yarn for cables and fancy stitches, but avoid anything too dark such as black yarn. A sock pattern with cables or ribbing will usually require more yards of yarn to make than the same size socks would in a pattern without cables or ribbing.

Here's a nice video on how to make sock blockers. They'll help your socks to dry in the appropriate shape and avoid wrinkles.

It's always good to block your knitting and crochet after you've made it, including projects with more difficult shapes, such as socks. I especially like that the sock blockers can help a matching pair to both end up the same size!

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