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Welcome to my life! This Sage Urban Homesteading (and homeschooling) website shares the down to earth technology and traditional skills that have become a basic, down to earth way of life for me and my family.

Sage Urban HomesteadingWelcome!

I am passionate about eating real food, growing foods in my own garden, homemade cooking, urban farming, traditional crafts such as spinning and weaving, and getting in touch with the forgotten wisdom of our ancestors.

I use this knowledge to keep those I love happy and healthy.

And besides that, I have a fascinating husband who knows how to start a fire without using matches and how to make arrowheads from glass bottles. He has had some amazing adventures learning primitive skills. We love going on hikes together and sharing a self sufficient, low impact lifestyle.

Recipes and Gardening

You'll also find some unique coconut flour recipes from our special dietary needs shared on this urban homesteading website as well as traditional homemade family recipes that I have collected and published into a book.

Fresh herbs are great for adding garden fresh flavor, and they do well in pots on our patio. Sage grows well here and is known for properties of home blessing and cleansing.

sageSage growing in our garden of raised beds

We have several raised beds for in our garden, a mini orchard of dwarf fruit trees, and we  could have up to four chickens in our yard for fresh homegrown eggs. So far the only livestock has been an angora rabbit, silkworms, and honeybees.

We're still experimenting with how to use the fibers and beeswax, but we know what to do with the honey!

Growing and Homeschooling on the Urban Homestead

We've also become parents, which is quite a survival challenge in itself. We had a homebrith for our baby, and we are now homeschooling using the emphasis on handcrafts from the Waldorf and Reggio Emilia educational styles.

In other words, as a toddler our child played with recycled treasures such as scraps of paper and old boxes instead of battery operated machines. In our homeschool, things like knitting, crochet, and even hide tanning are central parts of the curriculum.

I have a passion for fiber arts, so you'll find a lot of info in those sections. I've also tried to include several photos of projects I've made. Look around our online homestead portfolio and see what treasures you can find.

Please enjoy exploring my website and share your own homesteading and homeschooling skills and wisdom!

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