Winter Kindergarten 2

For winter kindergarten 2, it was time to change our pace and rhythm. We slowed down for December, then picked up a couple of new activities and subjects with the new year in January.

winter kindergarten 2

Our Daily Schedule for Winter Kindergarten 2

For K2, we're easing into the head, heart, and hands sections of the day which will be even more important in the numbered grades. If you want to learn more about that and how to make your own homeschooling schedule, please see my page about that.

Winter was a transitional time for us. We eased off of doing as much during December so that we could focus on holidays and time with family and friends, and then we started adding even more structure to our schedule in January.

We still start each day with a walk and circle time, which consists of rhymes and songs. If the weather is too unpleasant, we walk around inside the house for a few minutes to get our blood pumping to our brains. Then we have our Waldorf Essentials story, bird watching, 30 minutes from our reading curriculum (starting level 1!), 30 minutes of math, and the other activities and subjects vary by day. Every day we have lunch and listen to story podcasts. We also have daily read aloud time.

We are still flexible for days when we want to spend more time outside or have play dates with friends. I believe board games are a great way to learn, so when it's too cold for us all to play at the park, we love having our homeschooling friends over to play games.

We are celebrating the same winter holidays that we celebrated last year.

We celebrated Advent, Christmas, and some other holidays with lots of crafts and baking, as well as boardgames played with family and friends.

For the New Year, we took our learning to the next level in math, reading, and art.

In addition to celebrating Valentine's Day, we did several experiments about wood, forcing twigs to bloom, and we learned about how maple syrup is made.

Why is there a 2? Kindergarten year 2?

You can find the explanation for this on the page about Autumn Kindergarten 2.

Our First Portfolio Review

The state of Maryland requires two portfolio reviews per year for homeschoolers reporting directly to the county like us.

We had our first review in January. I took along my file folder box with a hanging file labeled for each subject that they require. Our learning is not so easily divided by subject, but it forces me to put things somewhere, and I can see which folders might need more.

It was a pleasant experience! My daughter went along. We enjoyed sharing a scrapbook she made about our tree studies and field trips. That's another example of how subjects overlap: science of trees, art of scrapbooking, measuring to cut the shapes, and writing the labels!

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