Crochet Terms to Learn

Happy hookers know the crochet terms to discuss different types of patterns and stitches.

learn crochet terms

There are hundreds of crochet stitches with different names. Try making a sampler if you want to learn some!

Crochet Terms

Finishing a piece by washing it and shaping it as it dries.
A raised stitch that adds texture.
Created by going around posts.
A group of stitches together.
To create less stitches in a row, usually by working two or more stitches together.
Filet crochet
A grid of mesh squares with some squares filled in to create a design. Usually it's all made of chains and double crochet stitches.
Foundation chain
The chain to start crocheting, where the stitches of row 1 are worked.
Granny square
A traditional crochet design with clusters worked in square rounds.
To create more stitches in a row, usually by working a special stitch that splits into two near the top.
A short chain between stitches to add a bump.
A raised stitch that adds texture.
The vertical part of a stitch in the row below.
A wave pattern.
A circular row of stitches. It can be a continuous spiral or distinct levels with a turning chain. The pattern should specify.
A pattern made from clusters.
Turning chain
The chain used at the end of a row to reach the height for the next row. Sometimes the whole chain counts as the first stitch in the row.
Tunisian crochet
Requires a special afghan hook to hold a row of stitches in progress.
V stitch
Similar to filet crochet but the longer stitches meet in a point and can be any length.
Wrapped stitches
Worked around a post.

For a well-rounded education, in addition to crochet terms you should also take a look at the knitting terms and weaving terms.

Filet Crochet

You can find a design for anything in filet crochet. It's very simple to learn and to design your own patterns.

Filet Stitches

Imagine a grid of tiny squares. Chain 2, double crochet, chain 2, double crochet, and so on to make the grid.

filet crochet trimFilet crochet trim I've been working on

Each double crochet in the row is worked directly on top of the one in the row below it.

To make a picture, fill in some of the squares. You fill them in by working a double crochet into each of the chains in the row below.

Granny Squares

My grandmother usually had an afghan on the rocking chair that consisted of crochet granny squares. They had black boarders and connections. Each center was a different color. It was quite pretty!

granny square crochetFirst granny square I ever made years ago, displayed on the refrigerator

Playing with the colors can make these crochet afghan patterns resemble classic quilting designs such as "around the world."

It's a great way to use up leftover yarn scraps. They are small and easy to carry around as a portable project.

Granny Square Patterns

There are many ideas for different ways to use them. They can appear in more than just crochet afghans.

Just as quilts can be worked in many shapes, these can also be crocheted in hexagons, triangles, or just about anything you can imagine. Squares are most common so that's why they are one of the common crochet terms.

Tunisian Crochet

This is one of the most interesting crochet terms. You can achieve a smoother surface with Tunisian crochet. It looks more like knitting, but it does not have the stretch of a true knit.

Tunisian crochet swatchA swatch of multicolored crochet in Tunisian

My friend was so excited when I taught her this technique because she loves the look of knitting but finds the needles too complicated.

This way you can have the smooth look with an easy hook!

It can also produce a surface that is thick and durable, so it is a good choice for rugs or pillows that will be used often.

Tunisian Hooks and Stitches

Use the same basic crochet stitches, but leave them on the hook handle. The final pulling through is not completed. Do the entire row to add and store loops on the handle, and then go back across to complete each stitch and remove the stored loops.

Normal crochet hooks are shorter, but since this method leaves loops on the hook handle it must be long. It looks more like a straight knitting needle because there is a stop at the end to prevent loops from sliding off, but there is a hook for crocheting.

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