Crochet Hat Patterns

There are many stylish crochet hat patterns even though knit hats are slightly stretchy for a better fit. A crochet rib stitch worked vertically along the rim will add a little stretch.

crochet hat patterns

My favorite crochet hat of all the ones I've made is from a pattern in The Weekend Crafter: Crochet: 20 Simple and Stylish Designs to Wear and has a matching crochet scarf.

fancy crochet hat and scarfMy hat and matching scarf

It's made of several yarns, including chenille, boucle, and an alpaca and silk blend. The scarf is wide so I wear it draped down to cover me sort of like a vest.

Types of Crochet Hat Patterns

There are several different styles and special needs for hats. Here are some different types of hats:

Winter Hat
Use a thick, fuzzy yarn to make a warm winter hat. Certain types of fiber are also warmer than others.
Chemo Hat
Crochet is so fast to make that if you have any extra yarn, you really ought to consider making something for those in need, such as a hat for someone going through chemotherapy or hair loss. These hats can be for warmth or just for a stylish appearance.
The snood is a medieval Scottish fashion that first became widely popular in the Victorian age. It was revived during World War II, and has experienced a couple of brief revivals since then. Basically, it is a lace bag to hold long hair. Snoods can wrap around the entire back of the head like a headband, or they can be tied at the neck like a ponytail.

Which style looks best on you?

Tips for Making Hats

Here's a picture of a little Santa Claus hat I crocheted for my dog. Unfortunately, she decided it would be fun to chew.

dog chewing a crochet Santa hatMy dog enjoyed the hat but not the way I hoped.

The photo of her chewing the hat was featured on the family Christmas card that year!

If you're making anything that could be chewed by a pet or small child, remember to stay away from buttons and sew everything well so it's very sturdy.

Hat Yarn Suggestions

Hats are a great way to use special yarn. Show off your handspun where everyone can see it!

Stick to simple crochet stitches if using a multicolored yarn.

If you want to show off fancy stitching, use a plain solid color yarn.

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