Summer Kindergarten 2

For summer kindergarten 2 (ages 5-6), we slowed down the pace yet still did some work each week to keep it fresh and avoid the summer slump and regression. We prepared for the transition to first grade.

summer kindergarten 2

Our Daily Schedule for Summer Kindergarten 2

Our pace dramatically slowed down for summer. We started doing reading and math about once a week. The social studies and science had been completed months before, but we did record weather observations for the month of July which we will use later for a seasonal graph. Our Waldorf Essentials story continues once per week. We participated in our library's summer reading program and attended several special events they had related to this summer's theme.

At our portfolio review with the county in May, I told them I intended to continue schooling through the summer, and they said they didn't care -- they don't want to see anything we do before September.

I believe it's important to keep on learning through the summer. It supports our attitude that learning is a lifestyle, not something confined to set hours. It does look a little different without having to collect samples for the portfolio, and she knows we will start working harder in fall with the official start of first grade.

We participated in our library's summer reading program and enjoyed reading fairytales.

We recorded daily weather observations and tried to stay cool.

We learned to ride a bicycle and prepared for the arrival of our new baby!

Why is there a 2? Kindergarten year 2?

You can find the explanation for this on the page about Autumn Kindergarten 2.

The Transition to First Grade

Waldorf schools typically do not have a kindergarten graduation ceremony. They celebrate the first day of first grade with something called the Rose Ceremony where an eighth grader gives a first grader a rose.

I wanted to do something special but not a "graduation" (she hates parties), so I asked around for ideas. Do you have any ideas to share?

We ended up celebrating in our own quiet way by redecorating our space and getting our journals and notebooks labeled for first grade. Our family and house were preparing for a transition also since we were expecting a new baby to arrive at the end of summer or the beginning of our homeschool year.

We also made 3 lists:

  • What I Learned in Kindergarten
  • What I Want to Learn in 1st Grade
  • What I Want to Do This Summer

It was nice to review how much she'd grown and learned in our 2 years of kindergarten. The first grade list allowed me to see what she's interested in, and I prompted her about the topics we'd be covering so she could get excited about them. Of course knowing her, I knew she'd want to start first grade right away (which I can't do because I need the stuff to show for the portfolio to be dated September or later!), so that's why we also made a summer list. It included things like weaving a keychain, doing Lego challenges, learning Cat's Cradle string figures, and how to ride a bicycle.

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