My SBI Review of How I Learned to
Build a Business

After I graduated from college, I had trouble finding a full-time job. My SBI review will explain how I supplemented my income by doing what really interested me.

how I learned to build a business online

I started my ALC Unlimited business in 2006. I sold at local markets and online, mainly eBay at first, then I discovered SBI! With their guidance, I decided to start an embroidery website as a source of information for others who love to embroider. The best pages live on in the embroidery section.

It was so much fun to build a website and online community! I had monthly newsletters, website comments, social media, etc.

I ended up starting a very popular Gettysburg website in 2007 that was a great source of income for me. I decided to sell it in 2017 because I had moved away and wanted to focus on the homesteading and homeschooling as explained on my page about How to Be Happy.

I also used SBI! to build and sell two other websites and to get Primal Knowledge started (used to work for them, no longer do since busy with a family).

I'm sharing all this not because I want to brag, but because I have used this company for over 10 years and feel highy qualified to write a Solo Build It! (or Site Build It! as it used to be named) review.

I essentially went out of business to focus on family currently, but I just couldn't give up SBI! so I've kept this website for my current interests. I couldn't go to doing a cheap blog after falling in love with SBI! and knowing what a good website is!

Why I Love SBI!

The SBI! service takes care of all the search engine optimization and programming so I can really focus on building quality websites. They have tons of helpful guides and a forum, and they're always adding more valuable information. They keep up with the latest technology and programming to keep websites running so I don't have to worry.

Secret to Success

My schooling was in arts, not business, but that didn't stop me from starting a home embroidery business. It takes work to start your own business, and you must do a lot of homework to be legal. Each state has its own tax policies and businesses license regulations. If you have some home based business ideas and are willing to take the journey to start a home business, you also will need an effective way to market yourself online that

  • introduces you as the expert, and builds your credibility with your visitor.
  • targets the right keyword phrases so that the people who need your service find your website.
  • provides the visitor with some free valuable information to build a positive relationship with clients.

There are so many work from home jobs scams out there on the internet that waste your money and, something even more valuable, your time. Wouldn't it be great if there was a company who actually cared about your success?

Why SBI! Works**

Take a look and decide for yourself if they are a good company who will actually help you make your business a success.

** I am affiliate, but that income is peanuts compared to what I've earned from my own business which I learned how to build with their guidance. Look, I'll even share a non-affiliate link: Why SBI! Works. The more the merrier! I'm delighed when I spot other SBI! sites on the web, and they do stand out!

Beware of Fake SBI Reviews

If you search for reviews of SBI!, you will find fake reviews by people paid to say bad things about them. How sad! Here's a study proving this competitor has an inferior product. It's the Solo Build it! websites that actually do well when you look at traffic numbers.

Why would people want to waste time hurting others instead of building up themselves? I don't understand. But it's one of the reasons I wrote this page.

I wanted to show my support for a company I've been with for so many years by sharing my experience.

If you ever want to build a business online, I recommend SBI! and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about my experience with them.

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