DeVries Bees

The DeVries Bees have a special corner in our backyard where they work hard making good things for us like honey and beeswax.

honeybee products

They also help pollinate our fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Honeybees are amazing creatures that do so much.

Honey from the DeVries Bees

When the bees are doing well, we have honey to share. We know the importance of raw honey so our honey is extracted using a centrifuge process with zero heat.

DeVries bees honey labelOur Honey Jar Labels

Did you know that some other producers will still label honey as "raw" even though they heat it up some to make processing easier? We do not. Our honey is totally unheated!

Honey can vary in color and taste by what the bees were gathering nectar from, so it changes from season to season and year to year.

We call ours wildflower honey because we do not know exactly what the bees were collecting. They can travel up to 2 miles.

Our honey is harvested at  the right time so that the colony can still recover and make it through the winter.


My husband has been experimenting to find the best way to make our beeswax into usable portions. He is trying to develop a solar melter, but for now the best method is the rocket stove.

I bought some mini cube molds to shape our wax . The idea is to have the wax stored in small portions that we can easily measure to use for things. So far, I've only used it for wood polish.

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