June Kindergarten 1

For the month of June kindergarten 1, we'll learn about the different types of animals that live in our area and continue working in the garden.

June kindergarten 1

June Kindergarten 1

Our Froebel gift to play with for the month of June kindergarten 1 is Froebel gift 9 , which consists of rings and half rings of different colors in 3 sizes. The same set of colors is available as for the gifts the past two months.

We waited a week to introduce the new gift and spent that week playing with the new quilt block diagrams to use with gift 7 and stickers.

The rings fit perfectly with our letter O lessons in week 2!

First she played with putting the different sizes together. Then I started making faces with them, and she made even more.

Week 1

Hooray, the silkworms are finally spinning! We did nature observations while collecting mulberry leaves for the remaining caterpillars. We spotted a ladybug one day, observed a disturbed ant's nest we found under an outdoor rug, and most exciting of all, we went out after bedtime to catch fireflies.

In our garden, we planted more annuals and sprinkled red clover seed. Two sunflower sprouts came up. We also stood outside in the rain just for fun after a hot day working in the garden

Our hero Super Sam in the Waldorf Essentials curriculum met Adam and learned about baby animals. The baby birds he met before were ready to learn how to fly.

bird nest in treeSam meets Adam and the baby animals of the forest.

The other item of interest this week was a Lego set received as a gift. Legos are not a good toy from the Waldorf viewpoint because they do not go from whole to parts, although I suppose they could if originally presented assembled into something. I'm not sure if I agree or not. I try to include plenty of big whole picture experiences to balance it all out. We are not Waldorf "purists" so I won't say no to Legos.

She is still skipping and jumping a lot. Being more playful is a good sign. Unfortunately, still coloring herself with markers is not a good sign, in my opinion!

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