August Kindergarten 1

For the month of August kindergarten 1, we'll round out our summer with some fun activities, finish up what we've been working on, and prepare to move up to the next level.

August kindergarten 1

August Kindergarten 1

Our Froebel gift to play with for the month of August kindergarten 1 is Froebel gift 10. It consists of lots of little circles or "dots" in 9 different colors. I also gave her the grid to use with it. My husband has been interested in the game "Go", so I thought we could experiment with using the pieces that way.

When we first got it out, I made a flower and turtle, mentioning the pointillism Q-tip painting from the other week. She sprinkled some of each color then set up on edge to roll, like little wheels. We played rolling them through the crowd to hit others, and then we had a mix of all of colors on the board.

She invented a game where you grab a handful and count how many there are of each color, pretending they are fruits or vegetables. We had some nice counting up to higher numbers. I got out the Eating the Rainbow book to help her think of more foods for each color

Week 1

This week she had the IQ Fit game out again. We got a new Lego set from Grandma, and that has been a favorite activity. The sunflowers and gladiolus are blooming in our yard. We attended the Glen Burnie carnival one evening.

We did our story about Super Sam from the Waldorf Essentials curriculum, and for the first time I do not have a photo!

We simply held our regular Sam peg doll and used our imagination. In the story he blew bubbles and made himself some swim shorts. I did not want to make another doll to illustrate shorts, and I did not know how to do bubbles, so we imagined.

Ok, so maybe I could have made bubbles with some clear beads on thin wires like our flying kites. But I didn't have the supplies on hand and it all felt like too much work at the last minute, especially since we were getting over a cold. Ugh, colds in the summer are not fair!

Week 2

This week we added a tissue paper flower to the nature table. We made it at a multicultural festival. We played with more giant bubbles and sidewalk chalk at another family reunion.

In our ongoing story, Sam made pizza and homemade tomato sauce using tomatoes from his garden.

gnome pizzaSam uses tomatoes from his garden to make pizza sauce.

We have been enjoying plenty of tomatoes from our garden, too!

For our homeschool reading lessons about the letter W, we colored a walrus and had some water play with little plastic sea creatures.

Exciting news:  We are officially registered and recognized by county as homeschoolers! I believe I talked about it here before, but the county did not respond to the snail mail form I sent in June. They did promptly reply to an email in August!

Week 3

We planted basil seeds at the farmer's market and placed them on our nature table to sprout. We started a rewards chart, but that only lasted a couple of days since she was playing with the magnets too much.

We went swimming at the church picnic. Sam's friends love his new swimsuit fashion and many showed up at his door to learn how to make their own swimsuits.

gnome friendsMany of Sam's friends want to learn how to sew swimsuits.

We did the letter X like an x-ray and then the letter Y with yarn. She did a painted stained glass kit.

Week 4

Sorry, again I am missing a photo. She did not want to get the toys out, and I was having some health issues and could not crawl around on the floor to do it myself. So please imagine Sam and his friends swimming in the lake!

We finished up the capital letter alphabet with the letter Z. Conveniently, there was a ziggurat mentioned in our Clip and Tell Bible Story for this week! We also put together an alphabet puzzle. We did a Kiwi Crate (capillary action) and a Koala Crate (playgrounds) that were gifts from friends. Fun!

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