Toddler Books

It's no surprise that our house has been filled with toddler books since our family is full of librarians and teachers! There's a lot out there, including many classics you probably already know and love, so I'm going to tell you about some books you might not be familiar with that have become our favorites.

toddler books

My decision to like a book is also influenced by how long we'll be able to use it and enjoy it. There's only so much room on the bookshelf! I prefer books that will grow with the child.

Our Favorite Toddler Books

These first became favorites at around 12 months to 24 months, and we're still using them a couple of years later.

I love that all of these book series are good for seasonal themes, which we follow with our preschool rhythm.

Quiet Bunny Series by Lisa McCue

These books have rich language and detailed pictures.

What I love best is how they seem to grow with the child. At first, she loved the sound effects, now she loves pointing at the details in the pictures. I foresee that they will be fun to act out and inspire creative play later, too.

For example, we can act out Quiet Bunny's Many Colors where he covers himself in blueberry juice to turn blue or red clay to turn red using our homemade playsilk set.

The series also includes two others. Quiet Bunny is about sounds and shyness. The winter themed Quiet Bunny and Noisy Puppy is about how friends can be different but still be friends.

Kitten's Seasons Series by Eugenie Fernandes

This is another series with detailed pictures. The words are simple but the vocabulary is very rich, and it rhymes.

Each page also becomes a hide-and-seek game of trying to find the kitten.

There are four titles in the series, one for each season:

I foresee using them for verb tense exercises in elementary home school, too. For example, change the sentence "Rain falls." to the past "Rain fell." or present progressive "Rain is falling."

There are lots of possibilities for foreign language translation exercises!

Wordless Seasons Series by Gerda Muller

These books really promote creative thinking. Let your child make up their own story and tell it to you!

There are also four titles in this series, one for each season:

We like to use these for Spanish practice.

Wordless books are a great way to build vocabulary in any foreign language, although you might need a dictionary if your skills are weak.

More Favorite Toddler Books?

What are your favorite titles? Please share them as a comment below!

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