Homemade Baby Wipes

Making our own homemade baby wipes was an obvious choice. I'm sensitive to a lot of chemicals myself, and I didn't want my baby exposed to things that would be bad for her delicate skin. As a bonus, it was also cheaper and more environmentally friendly!

homemade baby wipes

I added Lusa Organic Baby Wipe Juice to my baby registry and received it at my baby shower. Another friend gave me a plastic container with a lid and explained how to cut a roll of paper towels to make wipes.

How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes

We could get three rolls of wipes from one tube of paper towels.  For an easy dispenser, we just pulled wipes up out of the center and tore at the perforated paper sections. It worked great!

homemade wipes container and dispenserCut a roll of paper towels into thirds then sit one inside a container.

I sat a cut roll of towels in the container, removed the bit of cardboard tube in the center, mixed up a cup of wipe concentrate, and  poured it over the towels. It soaked in and spread until they were all wet.

I only used 1 tsp of the wipe concentrate, and by the time we were fully potty trained, only half the bottle was gone. We did elimination communication, so we didn't have to clean up as much poop and certainly didn't need as many wipes as some people.

I think it was after she was 18 months old that I started adding a drop of tea tree oil to the cup of liquid before I poured it over the paper towels. We weren't going through the wipes as fast, so sometimes by the end they turned moldy. Adding a little tea tree oil prevented the mold and kept them fresher longer.

I see the formula is now "New and Improved" so maybe they added more to keep it fresher. The silver is a safe antibacterial ingredient.

What we used smelled lovely from the moment my mom mixed it up on the night our baby was born until we were done. I never got tired of it.

Using Cloth Wipes

When we were traveling for the day and using the diaper bag, I used some mixed up wipe liquid in a mini spray bottle to spray her bottom, then cleaned it with cloth wipes. We were using cloth diapers, so it was easy to put the wipes with the diapers in the wet bag until we got home.

cloth wipes and sprayWe carried cloth wipes and spray with the cloth diapers in our diaper bag.

I tried using cloth wipes at home, but I found that I really liked the paper towels better. They did a better job cleaning, and it was easier to tear off as much or as little as I needed. I used an empty large yogurt container (with a lid!) in the changing area for a mini trashcan.

Do you make your own homemade baby wipes? What liquid mix do you use?

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