Home Birth Stories

I love beautiful home birth stories! They're so inspiring. Do you have a natural birth story to share?

home birth stories

As I explained on my home birth page, birth at home is definitely not for everyone. And it doesn't always work out. But I believe women have a basic right to choose to birth at home naturally if that's what they want and if it's possible healthwise.

That page also has a list of favorite books and movies, many of which discuss birthing at home.

Did You Have a Home Birth?

Would you like to tell us about your home birth experience? Please share!

Other Inspiring Home Birth Stories Online

Here are some links to great birth stories online:

What story has inspired you the most? Or scared you the most? I vividly remember a story about placental abruption from Hippilongstockings.com, a planned home birth that became an emergency before labor even began. It can happen at anytime during pregnancy! Anyway, I love how she now donates to help other women have access to medical care.

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