Grow Aloe Vera as a Houseplant

It's easy to grow aloe vera for yourself. Obviously, you don't want to hurt the plant by taking off too many leaves, but it's nice to have a fresh supply available for when you do need it.

grow aloe vera

Optimal Conditions to Grow Aloe Vera

Aloes prefer lots of sun, dry soil, and crowded conditions. Yes, you should let them multiply in that little pot!

For the best soil, I mix 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 sand. I also sprinkle a thin layer of sand on top to keep it dry where the leaves are. If you even let a drop of water on a leaf by accident when watering, it can create a dark spot and kill that leaf.

aloe vera plantsBaby aloe plants having another baby

My plants like to put up little baby plants, so although I started with one, I now have several aloe plants!

Aloes naturally love to multiply and crowd the pot if you give them the right growing conditions for optimal plant health.

Uses for Aloe

The juice from aloe leaves is very soothing and healing for the skin. That's why it is traditionally called the "burn plant" because people grew it in the kitchen to use on burns. It also works great on sunburn or dry, irritated skin, and it helps cuts heal faster.

Some people drink aloe gel to help heal internally. I've never done that with my homegrown plants, but I tried a sample that people were selling once. It tasted totally awful! It was so bitter, I had to spit it out. So I will stick to topical use only!

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