How to Garden

I learned how to garden from my dad. My grandparents were all gardeners, too. Most of our neighbors had gardens, even the seniors. It was something everyone did, just a typical thing.

how to garden

I grew up eating fresh homegrown produce in the summer and am still shocked that people settle for poor-quality store food.

It absolutely tastes different! There is nothing like a freshly dug potato, cooked within hours of digging. Delicious!

Steps for Home Gardening

It's so simple. Almost anyone, of any age and ability, can participate.

  1. Prepare a space with soil, whether it's in a pot or in the ground.
  2. Plant a seed or transplant (small plant).
  3. Provide the proper amount of moisture and sunlight.

That's it! Of course you might run into problems with pests, weeds, or simply outgrowing the space, but the basics really are that simple. Things like compost bins and rain barrels are nice once you're really into sustainable gardening.

If you can't even take the time to plant a garden, you could forage for safe weeds to eat. You can grow your own food, even if it's only enough for one salad.

greenhouse seedlings

How to Garden with Space Issues

I did struggle with learning how to set up a garden in a small space.

I actually learned this skill before moving to the city because my dad was reluctant to share his garden space, but I'm thankful for the knowledge now.

My secret to success was reading about Square Foot Gardening. I learned how to grow more in a smaller space. It's easier to take care of, too!

I highly recommend this book. It will tell you how to select the spot for a garden, how to prepare the soil, and when to plant what. Even if you need to garden on a tabletop, there are suggestions for that, too.

You can also find more vegetable gardening tips and photos on the Greenidiom website.

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