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Homemade Toys

We want to teach homesteading values, so it naturally follows that we would be interested in homemade toys! Isn't something much more meaningful when you made it yourself? Why miss a great learning opportunity?

Homemade Playdough
It's easy to make homemade playdough and a great learning experience! Pouring and measuring leads to a toy that promotes creative thinking.

Homemade Slime
It's fun and easy to make homemade slime, and you can make glow-in-the-dark slime, too.

Homemade Wood Toys
Homemade wood toys will last for many years. It's easy to make a set of wooden building blocks.

Rainbow Gnomes
I embroidered clothes for wooden peg people. It's been a favorite toy!

Tot School Ideas
There are some cheap toy ideas for toddlers here, too. Did you know that a basket of laundry could be educational?

I'll add more projects as we complete them. Hint: Someone is getting a set of homemade wood blocks for Christmas!

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This is a website dedicated to describing my homesteading adventures near Baltimore, Maryland.

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