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Food Preservation Methods

Smart food preservation focuses on preserving the nutrients. It doesn't matter if something has a long shelf life. So does paper, and most paper is edible. But it doesn't provide the necessary nutrition for a healthy human.

The purpose of preserving food is to increase the shelf life while maintaining a high nutritional value. Most modern processed food fails to do this.

Traditional cultures knew how to preserve foods in ways that would increase the digestibility and nutrients. This is an area of great interest to me that I continue to study.

Drying Food
One of the oldest preservation techniques is drying food. I use this method for dehydrating a variety of foods.

Dehydrating Food
Use the best methods for dehydrating food to avoid mold and bacteria. Drying food is a great preservation technique.

The Root Cellar
Use a root cellar for off the grid, sustainable preservation of your food.

Home Canning Food
Learn when home canning food is safe, different ways to do it, and the potential dangers.

Freezing Food
Learn about freezing food, the historical use of frozen foods, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Smoking Food
You can try smoking food in a homemade smoker. Use it for curing meat or adding flavor to cheese. What will you make?

Each preservation technique has pros and cons. Some work better for certain types of foods or in certain climates.

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