Urban Farming and Gardening

Anyone can try urban farming! Even if all you have is a single pot of plants, as long as you are growing something and eating it, that's farming. And that one single act has the power to change the world.

How to Garden
Learn how to garden and grow your own food through easy home gardening techniques.

Compost Bins
Learn about the different types of compost bins and decide on the best way to use composting as part of your urban homestead.

Vermiculture: Raising Composting Worms
Explore the world of vermiculture and learn how to use composting worms as a natural recycling system to make your garden and kitchen sustainable with worm casings and compost.

Raising Silkworms
Learn the process for raising silkworms and growing your own silk fiber through sericulture.

The Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Have you ever seen a black swallowtail butterfly? I ended up raising butterflies as part of our urban farm only a month after we got started.

Raw Honey on the Urban Homestead
We are trying to produce our own raw honey by raising honeybees in our backyard, a process known as apiculture.

Stinkbugs as Garden Pests
The Asian stinkbugs have invaded and become garden pests on our urban homestead in Maryland.

Rain Barrels and How to Set Them Up
Learn how to set up rain barrels and your own cheap home garden irrigation system.

My friend Willa from Sonnewald Natural Foods says that even if you don't have the room and sun for a pot, you can grow your own sprouts in a jar.

It doesn't have to be about producing food either. You can raise other useful raw materials such as fiber or wood.

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