Homemade Candles and Candle Making

Did you ever try to make homemade candles? They're not that hard to make. If you make beeswax candles they burn efficiently with a nice bright flame.

Nothing compares to the sweet scent of beeswax candles. When you burn other candles, it releases toxic compounds that pollute the air, but homemade candles with pure beeswax and a clean wick are much safer for your health.

Three Ways to Make Homemade Candles

Here are three easy ways to make candles with a hard wax such as beeswax or paraffin.

1. Candle Dipping

Have the hot wax in one container and cold water in another. Take turns dipping into the warm wax, cold water, and another layer of warm wax. You usually make two at a time this way using both ends of the wick string. When they're as fat as you want them, hang the candles to dry harder over a couple of days.

2. Poured Molds

You can get really creative and make any shape you can imagine. A simple yet interesting homemade mold is to fill a clean empty milk or juice carton with ice cubes around a center wick or wicks. Pour the hot wax in. Allow it to cool then remove the carton. The candle will be left with decorative holes.

3. Rolling Candles

A fun way to make really easy candles very quickly is to roll a sheet of wax around a center wick. You can buy (or make) beeswax that has been in a mold to create a thin honeycomb pattern. Lay a wick along one edge and roll it up.

Safety Advice

Just remember to never leave a burning candle unattended, and make sure your house has a fire safety plan (smoke detectors, fire extinguishes, etc.). There's a useful fire safety website provided by the government with lots of tips.

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