Knit Sweater Patterns

I have trouble finding knit sweater patterns that I like and that look good on me.

If I like the sleeves, I don't like the neckline, or if I like the neckline, it doesn't open wide enough. And finding something the right size to fit me is another problem!

Thankfully, there are some great books that tell you how to mix and match different features and calculate the right number of stitches so it'll fit correctly.

How to Design Knit Sweater Patterns

I found some really helpful books that don't just give you sweater patterns, but also actually teach you how to design your own styles that will fit!

1000 Sweaters: Mix and Match Patterns for the Perfect, Personalized Sweater is easy enough for an advanced beginner to design your own knit sweater.

And Sweater Design in Plain English will guide you through formulas to calculate the exact number of stitches for patterns.

Remember to try it on frequently as you work and consider the differences in types of fiber to ensure that it won't shrink or sag.

Knit Dog Sweater Patterns

I first became interested in knitting because I wanted to make a knit doggy sweater. Have you made one?

I have a dachshund, so I had trouble finding the right pattern. I needed one that allowed me to adjust for her size and custom fit it to her long body. My girl has a hairless belly, so she really wanted something that would cover her belly, too!

Most of the patterns are at the intermediate level because you have to do the shaping to make leg holes and the neck.

I love the cute photos in these books!

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