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Earth Baby Ideas

Only a couple of months after our first wedding anniversary we welcomed an earth baby to our urban homestead. Our baby was born at home with no medications. We use cloth diapers and elimination communication.

Elimination Communication
You can use elimination communication to go diaper-free sooner. Babies don't want to wear dirty diapers, they just need the chance to go somewhere else.

Best Cloth Diapers
Learn the best cloth diapers to use and share your opinions and favorites.

Best Baby Carriers for Babywearing
Learn the best baby carriers to use around the house and on the go. Share your own opinions and favorites!

Home Birth
Here are my tips for home birth preparation if you are planning a natural birth at home.

Home Birth Stories
Share home birth stories and be inspired by the beauty of natural birth.

I'll add more childcare topics here as I learn more and find time. I'm typing one-handed as I hold the baby right now!

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This is a website dedicated to describing my homesteading adventures near Baltimore, Maryland.

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